We are Cambridge.

When we learn together, we learn more.

With the latest research, we connect teachers and learners from around the world. This approach lets us learn from each other, constantly improve our teaching materials and unlock real-life opportunities for all.

So teach with us, and together we’ll build brighter futures.

Let’s build a brighter future together

How does Better Learning work?

It’s a continuous cycle where our insights shape content that drives results.

  1. Our researchers discover unique insights to create modern, vibrant materials.
  2. Teachers get effective materials to help their learners achieve the results they need.
  3. With every learner’s success, we build further insights that shape the future of learning.

Our unique insights

Every day we talk to people from all over the world about what would make their experiences of teaching and learning English better. The insights from these conversations are combined with expertise from our ELT Language Research team in Cambridge.

Our researchers work with other language specialists around the world, and with rich sources of data such as the Cambridge English Corpus and the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework, to ensure that the content we produce improves teaching and learning for everyone.

We actively help to shape a brighter future by using our insights to create effective, relevant content.

Content that makes a difference

Language learning is changing. We ensure our teachers and learners have access to relevant digital tools, which enhance the classroom, without increasing teacher workload.

To deliver great teaching experiences, we create content that is easy to use, engages learners and keeps them motivated throughout their lessons.

Results that matter to you

Together, we build brighter futures for both teachers and learners. Our resources help learners achieve academic success and unlock real-world opportunities, by developing valuable life skills.

We provide tools to help teachers track and measure progress and, with every student’s success, we gain insights which help shape our future content and the future of learning.